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Welcome to Palmar Group

In this journey, which we started as Vatra Import & Export, our first company in 2020, we decided to gather all our businesses under the umbrella of Palmar Group in 2023 due to the increase in the number of companies that we have established and that we have made distributor agreements with over time.

Since day one we have relentlessly pursued a better way.It is our incredible breadth, scale, and diversity of experience that enables us to quickly and effectively respond to market needs and challenge the status quo.

Being an independent private company has given us a very strong philosophy based on the long-standing values of loyalty, integrity, and a wholehearted commitment towards real expertise. Our ethos, driven by our stakeholders is core to the business.

With our energetic and experienced team, we represent a high reputation, trust, and strong financial structure in every field we are in, and we continue our efforts to continue our success and to sign new projects with our business partners.

Our Journey

2020     — Vatra Import & Export was founded.

2021     — Adrano Home was founded.

2021     — Ali Canlisoy was founded.

2022     — A distributorship agreement was made with Moxx Tiny House.

2022     — Alila Creative was founded.

2022     — A distributorship agreement was made with Yelkenler Tavukculuk

2023     — Palmar Group was founded.

2023     — Minka Mobilya was founded.

As Palmar Group, we reach the big goals we set one by one by working with determination and devotion…